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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”


About Us

We at Match Marketing Group combine creativity, strategy & technology to deliver rich dedicated & profitable experiences for our clients. We are a small team of bright & creative minds, with big ideas & small egos. Take a look around to get to know us.

Match Marketing Group… More Than an Agency

We’re your small business marketing partner, representing both the business side and the creative side of marketing. We provide personalized marketing services to small business owners who love what they do, and who need a partner to help build their brand, connect with their consumers, and leverage the changing world of online media to stay ahead of their competition and meet their growth potential

We’ve spent the past 15 years developing and implementing creative ideas that grow businesses and build brands. As a full-service agency, we’ll create a financially responsible communications platform that’s right for your business, and manage it all from strategy and concept to campaign execution

We know what it takes to get your business noticed online. A properly executed inbound marketing strategy and a continuously optimized website can drive search results, generate traffic, and bring in sales leads to new clients, while building your brand and driving consumer loyalty. Let us manage your online presence to help meet your business goals.

When was the last time you updated your website? In today’s world, online visibility and social media integration are no longer optional for growing brands and businesses. We’ll make sure the right people can find you online, and help you engage and interact with your consumers in a meaningful way.


Online Marketing

Consumers are in charge! They are mobile and consume media that is specifically targeted to them. Faced with a barrage of new service and product choices every day, they are used to making fast and informed choices. It is therefore essential for businesses interested in reaching these consumers to partner with an agency that goes beyond traditional advertising services. They need an agency that knows the digital space and understands how to help businesses realize their online objectives through interactive and other means.

As an online digital agency, The Match Marketing Group will help you connect with your customers and meet your goals using our extensive knowledge and expertise of the digital world.


Email Marketing

If you have an email database, it’s time to get smart about it. You need to incorporate timing, design,segmentation, white lists and black lists – there’s a lot more that goes into email than just an email.

At Match Marketing Group, our marketing team utilize email marketing to optimum effectiveness. Email marketing is based in analytics and our email experts are trained in eCRM strategy and utilized customer lists most effectively

Our email marketing services include: Email Design & Development, planning & eCRM Management


Web Design

You need a website. Isn’t it amazing how everyone seems to be designing websites now? “Seems to,” is the key phrase. At The Match Marketing Group, we design them differently. We use a collaborative effort between designers, developers, information architects, social media experts and marketers. Yes, marketers. A website isn’t just a pretty design; it actually has to do something: grow your business. As an interactive marketing agency, The Match Marketing Group sees that your digital advertising is matched with the right marketing.

That’s what we do – build websites that work and drive our clients’ businesses. We build all types, including: B2C & B2B Sites, Brand Marketing Sites, & Corporate Sites.


Social Media Marketing

The social marketing services of The Match Marketing Group develop and execute social media strategies that work and drive consumer engagement. Our campaigns increase drive sales, site traffic, and engage your customers.


Social marketing takes constant monitoring, engagement and tracking. The Match Marketing Group manages social media marketing campaigns for many of our clients. Our goal in social media marketing is not the size of your list, but rather the quality of your followers. As an interactive ad agency, we see to it that our customers interact with their own target customers


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